Every. Pilot. Ever.

  • Pilot

    The beginning of Carter and Boston's adventures, which always go wrong.

  • The Rise

    A mishap happens while at the job.

  • Let The Brawl Begin

    Round 1 of the competition is beginning and excitement is in the air. Hasan is ready for his first day as Project Manager before his Boss Sir Mayson, reveals some new plans.

  • The Pilot

    A day in the life of The AGENTS, showing what they do, and the shenanigans they're always involved in.

  • The Rivalry Begins

  • Mobile Game Clickers

    The title says the plot, just playing mobile clicker games.

  • Pilot

    It's Jake's Birthday - and it's the worst one yet.

  • Game Show

    Alexander and Maria are at a game show. Little do they know, Victor is the one hosting it.

  • Failure No. 1

    After having their devices taken away, the teens try to find other things to do throughout the day, and as expected, it all goes downhill and ends badly.